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The people behind Peace Paws:

Allison Smith

Hunter Morgan

Allison is one of the owners of Peace Paws. She is a Missouri native growing up in Belton. Her and Sabrina have owned Peace Paws since April 2013. She has been grooming for over 15 years! Her love for animals shines through to her work. Not only does she have several dogs herself she enjoys doing rescue work. She also gladly grooms dogs for local rescues to help find them homes.

Sabrina is one of the owners and groomers of Peace Paws. She is originally from Louisiana and came to Missouri to attend college with her twin sister.  Sabrina loves to groom using her creativity and does a great job at pet safe hair color. She would love the opportunity to regularly creative groom a dog. Sabrina has a lot of knowledge in dog temperment and training skills. 

Sabrina Smith

Hunter is one of Peace Paws' groomers. He has a huge passion for dogs and is the perfect fit for Peace Paws. Hunter is well trained in dog behavior and temperament. Hunter prefers to groom the big, hairy dogs. This makes since because he owns two Alaskan Malamutes named Denali and Aurora and a Toy Poodle named Joey.

Jamie is one of Peace Paws' groomers having been taught by Allison. She has been grooming for over 6 years now and loves doing creative grooming and Asian Fusion styles. She is also a professional photographer in her spare time. She first fell in love with dogs after rescuing Pebbles, a Chihuahua Min Pin mix. She has now added three more dogs to her family, a Toy Aussie/Papillon mix named Sophie, a Husky mix named Chance and a Boxer named Seeley..

Jamie VanMeter

Katelyn Blanchard

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